Connect with your fans and followers nearly anywhere.

Create your own membership smart contract in 1 minute!

Get your flock off of Twitter

Flocker helps you bring your Twitter followers with you to Web3 with an Unlock-powered membership smart contract.

  • Enter your Twitter handle

    This will be used as your contract name and icon.

  • Create a free membership (smart contract)

    Smart contracts are programs on the blockchain. They set up memberships and provide membership access passes.

  • Share the link to claim your membership card with your Twitter followers

    Your followers can claim your free membership with the link. The membership will be in the form of an NFT.

  • Connect with them on any service that supports token-gated access

    You can now create communities, content, applications, and more and token gate them so only your members can access them. For example, use to token gate your exclusive Discord or Telegram.